Tuna Coast

Jose Goldner


Jose is a Panamanian citizen with family roots in the Azuero Peninsula Tuna Coast’s area of operation. The son of diplomats, Jose was schooled in Australia before attending military naval high school in the states then college at Miami of Ohio (third generation). With a Masters Degree in Education, Jose had a successful international business career as an educator and Investment Banker at Briggs Capital where he has been a Partner before founding Tuna Coast Properties. Jose spends his full time at TCP.


Over the last decade Jose has represented the region in its expansion and quest for tourism in many capacities. He owns Pedasi Fishing S.A., a fishing tour operator that has brought more than 1,500 tourists to fish in Pedasi. Jose Goldner has strong political (Presidential) contacts and is involved in various committees to maximize the investment stability of Panama, in relation to the real estate transaction process. He is a civic leader recognized by local and national Panamanians as a spokesman for development in the Azuero Peninsula.Jose owns extensive land holdings and is an active rancher in the region.You can learn more about Jose thru Wikipedia.

Rod Robertson


Rod is currently the Managing Partner of Briggs Capital a Boston based international investment bank. Rod has led the firm for over fifteen years thru many merger and acquisition deals as well as numerous international transactions. Rod has also been active in commercial and residential real estate owning and developing office and residential complexes and developments. He has been involved in over one hundred real estate deals as an owner and broker in the states and multiple countries. Rod has a Massachusetts Real Estate brokers license.


Rod has been an owner of multiple real estate parcels in Panama for over a decade and enjoys his bull breeding operation. Rod has been a spokesman for both the United States and Panama government on cross border business and is a featured speaker at many international conferences held in Panama by multi-nationals and private businesses. Rod has recently published a book WINNING AT ENTREPRENUERSHIP that has been well received. Rod is widely quoted in numerous media outlets ranging from The New York Daily News to the Boston Globe and Herald. He is an annual guest speaker at the Harvard Business School and Babson MBA programs on a wide range of subjects.


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Mara Goldner


Mara Goldner (wife of Jose Goldner) as a young attorney, was a cofounder of a Azuero Peninsula Real Estate Fund. Her family has a generational history in the region. Mara Goldner is a corporate lawyer who specializes in Real Estate transactions and estate planning for high net worth individuals. Besides her traditional corporate services, Mara offers company formation and management, opening and managing bank accounts and commercial representation of companies and trustee services. These services are offered in Panama and in our network of international clients.


The following is a summary of her scope of work in Azuero:


  • Representative transactions
  • Pedasi land transactions since 2000
  • Pedasi fishing Investment Companies
  • Export business council adviser and legal represented since 2000 until 2008
  • Tourism companies due diligence with government
  • Foundations and Trust creators to protect personal clients assets
  • Due Diligence with the Panamanian government for construction companies
  • Titling land process with all government entities involved
  • Knowledge of the country land transactions in relation to farm owners
  • Corporate agreements with purchase agreements
  • Bylaws formation for companies
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Taxation for the land purchase transactions.
  • Legal advisor for Land Investors


* Victorio Vergara, an Uncle of Mara Goldner, was a famous musician who died in the late nineties, and left an indelible mark on the musical history of Azuero. It is through these contacts that many farmers (land owners) have felt at ease in the real estate transaction process with Mara Goldner.

Kerry Leppo

Marketing Director, USA

Kerry has been a marketing professional for over thirty years in a wide variety of industries. Kerry is the Marketing Director at Briggs Capital a Boston based investment bank. Kerry conducts Market Research and go-to-market strategies for the firm’s clients and will develop Tuna Coast’s marketing campaigns. Kerry is a successful entrepreneur who has owned his own Marketing and Ad Agency in Boston. Kerry is an avid outdoorsman and fisherman and has assisted in the launch of many firms worldwide.


You can learn more about Kerry at

David Beluche

Panama Operations Manager

A Panama citizen, David will be logistics coordinator and host to visitors. He will be assisting Jose Goldner in all facets of TCP’s Panama operation. David is a former business owner and has sold his Panama City based medical practice. He understands cross cultural concerns and he is adept at developing logistic programs. David enjoys teaching martial arts and is a young leader in the Panama business community

Raymond (Ray) Billick

Senior Advisor

Ray has several years of managerial experience in both the automotive and plastic industries.  In his management roles in both industries, he has been responsible for a number of sales functions including marketing, wholesaling, promotions of products and services, evaluating and assessing potential sales outside of firm’s normal footprint and mode of operations.  He has had a reputation throughout his career of being a strong advocate for ensuring the upmost highest level of customer service.  Ray is highly adept in building relationships, consensus, and a shared sense of purpose.  He possesses a keen ability to quickly establish trust and motivate others into action.  Ray with the assistance of his wife Cindy has rehabilitated several homes in NE Ohio.  Ray loves to travel especially to the properties he owns along with Cindy in Central America and Mexico.  He is a car enthusiast and race car fan.