Tuna Coast
Tuna Coast

About The Area


Located on the Pacific Coast of Panama (below Coast Rica), the Azuero Peninsula juts out into the Pacific Ocean. About a three and a half-hour drive from Panama City, it has rolling hills and flat land and very lush open areas with beautiful views. Azuero consists of the provinces of Los Santos and Herrera, plus the southern tip of Veraguas—the only province in Panama that boasts both Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Several national parks are located here, and this highly arid coastal region has its own unique wildlife and boasts archeological sites dating back centuries.


The Azuero Peninsula is one of the last places in Panama to be “discovered.” A small roster of celebrities, including Hollywood movie stars and both Europe and America’s rich and famous, are buying large tracts of land as nature preserves, investments, and for exclusive getaways to enjoy a tangible and distinctive quality of life, tax free. The region is frequently referred to as the heartland and cultural epicenter of Panama and the cradle of the nation’s folkloric traditions. Old country lifestyle in the Azueran countryside is largely unchanged for centuries.



Visitors enjoy the way life slows down as if one were traveling back in time. People are friendly, the area is safe and easy to get to, and prices are inexpensive. The weather is also a great feature of this area, with only two seasons during the year, and offers more sunshine year-round than other areas and regions of Panama. The “Golden Season” is marked by clear skies and hot sun, and lasts from December to May. Then you have the “Green Season” from June to November, where you will experience some rain and sun.


The “Green Season” is so-called because the rain showers really bring the Azuero Peninsula to life…and the lush and green vegetation makes the area one of the most physically stunning in all of Panama. But what really sets Azuero apart, is the price of property here and the ultimate value it offers.



Not many foreign nationals know about this area, which means prices have remained low; but they won’t remain low for long! Panama is a top destination in Latin America for those interested in buying property abroad. At the moment Azuero offers great value property, high quality of life, safety and security, stunning aesthetics, and both tangible and intangible assets. But to the privileged few the secret is out.

Pedasi, Azuero

The town of Pedasi is a small coastal fishing village nestled on green rolling hills which resembles the Tuscan region of Italy. This coast is already being branded as, “The Tuscany of the Americas” and “The Hollywood of Panama". The coastal roads of Pedasi wind around beautiful cliffs where you can see tide pools, beaches and a traditional Spanish hacienda every so often. The dramatic shores and the fame it has for its virgin fishing grounds have brought an exclusive and select crowd of investors to this small fishing village. Among them is an extensive Hollywood crowd who has purchased land and houses in Pedasi.


Why Pedasi?

Scientifically, what singles out the Azuero Peninsula from other destinations (in the Americas) is the proximity of Pedasi to the continental shelf and the Humboldt Current that sweeps an enormous amount of marine life inshore. This marine phenomenon separates Pedasi from any other place in North and Central America.


The Achotines laboratory of Pedasi was founded in 1985 to study early life stages of near-shore tropical yellowfin tunas. Pedasi was prioritized in Central and South America for these studies. The Achotines laboratory is now not only a scientifically successful operation but also a tourist attraction that explains why Pedasi is known to fishermen and tourists as The Tuna Coast (another brand and association of Pedasi).


Pedasi Tourist Attractions

Isla Iguana is located 320 kilometers south east of Panama City, in the district of Pedasi, in the province of Los Santos. Isla Iguana is 7 kilometers from the coast, 53 hectares in area and home to 20 hectares of spectacular coral reef that holds 11 species of corals and spanning more than 4,800 years in age and it is home to more than 542 species of fish. The island is also the home to more than 2,000 frigate birds and home of the whitest beach in the country of Panama, with crystal clear waters that are easy to swim in even for the youngest of age.


Isla Iguana was declared a national park in 1980, and an officially protected ecological and tourist destination. It is also protected by the CIPA association which protects birds on the island. The protection of this island has had a positive and significant socioeconomic benefit among local fishermen who have depended on the island’s marine resources for many years. There are giant schools of red snapper (lutjanus sp), grouper (epinephelus panamensis) and several other species, including wahoo, dorado, yellow fin tuna, sailfish and roosterfish.


Pedasi fishermen are trolling waters for yellowfin tuna or diving in live coral reef just 15 minutes from leaving the shore. What other fishing destinations in the world still offer these possibilities?




Panama offers a wide variety of sophisticated city living before departing for the countryside. Trips to the Tuna Coast originate in Panama City with all of its Latin pleasures. Old forts, to the canal to endless seaside vistas, our team will introduce you to Panama the way no other casual  visitor would ever see;


  • The Old City
  • Casinos and nightlife
  • The Panama Canal
  • Festivals and fine dining


Once in the country your world changes dramatically


  • Bullfights
  • Fishing
  • Equestrian life
  • Ranching
  • Surfing
  • Eco-living
  • Exploration
  • Gold panning
  • Conquistador history
  • The good life