Tuna Coast
Tuna Coast

Finca La Gloria

Pocri Panama, 20km from Las Tablas, 20km from Pedasi

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Size: 20 Hectares. (49 acres)

Location:  Pocri Panama, 20km from Las Tablas, 20km from Pedasi


This property has 1 kilometer of beachfront and sits on an elevated rock platform.  This parcel is located along a white sandy beach that has views of famous Isla Iguana.  The land is already cleared; no extensive clearing or excavation is needed.  This property is a working cattle ranch with living quarters for employees with deposits for farm equipment.  The ranch has a well with an elevated water tank, and a water trough for the cattle to drink fresh water from.

The farm also has a wooden, rustic day house to spend the day with the family cooking outside etc. This property is off the grid, with an abundance of freshwater available from a spring.  If developed correctly, this property could yield a total of over $30,000,000 in lot sales.  Please ask us about master planning details. 

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