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TCP’s owner’s passion for outdoor living and magnificent properties cross over into the Partners looking for a lifestyle business. Jose Goldner is a native of Panama and a pioneer in the Azuero Peninsula. As your in-country host, Jose can deal with virtually every scenario imaginable that arises in overseas living. The region is home to the Humboldt current which is the richest current in the world, supplying unmatched sealife and the world’s best game fish. The ocean wind and rolling fields provide sweeping views and a healthy lifestyle. The local villages and townships truly enjoy interacting with outsiders like nowhere else in the country. The culture is peaceful and rich in Spanish tradition.

Property Management

As most of our buyers are from overseas, we have managed their holdings in Panama for over a decade. The local populace respects the Partners of Tuna Coast and our holdings are sources of employment for many locals. We can handle all local affairs and pay bills etc. We also keep our clients in tune with local developments. If our investors/buyers want to participate in local affairs, we assimilate and coach our group into the extended community.

A client bought a five-acre ocean front parcel for his retirement years (though he is only 50). We subdivided and then built a modest structure on the property that is now used by a caretaker who for free living has over time improved and subdivided the property. The owners now is selling off three lots and will then own the premier lot free and clear and have funds to build his dream home from the proceeds of land sale. TCP is managing this process for him.

Property Upgrades

We can also recommend a price sensitive program to upgrade your holdings.. This can range from land clearing to dock building and infrastructure improvements that for short money can greatly increase the value and appearance of your land. We also can buy and maintain property equipment ranging from boats to cars and other ranching equipment.

A repeat client (he owns over 1000 acres with us now and three working farms as well as a cattle ranch) recently (Summer 2016) acquired a dilapated estate on the ocean with 1000 feet of beachfront. This property we purchased from a first time American buyer who paid $1m+ and quickly let it fall into disrepair and neglect. Unknown to him the estate had no water rights and access restrictions. TCP bought the property with a majority investor and quickly for $100,000 follow on investment, bought an adjacent strip of property that secured water and access rights. TCP brought in local builders to construct additional housing that makes the property cash flow as well as becoming a pristine holding on the coast. The property is now valued at $1.3m and is a positive cash flow.

Construction & Building

TCP has the ability to source construction firms that deliver “local” pricing and keep to schedules. We have the ability to design and construct as well as get permitted the development of simple ranches to magnificent haciendas. We can perform this function on a “turn-key” basis well below any other firms in the region. 

A major international development team came to the region and immediately alienated the community with their massive 500 plus lot development. They tried to strong-arm local builders and suppliers as well as alienated the town fathers. TCP principals stepped in to ensure the permitting continued and the community accepted these outsiders as they went through an “adjustment period” in the region.